The schedule of the 2020 PEMA summer course is as follows:

 27th July - arrival

27th July, 19:00: Opening Concert in Saint John the Baptist Church 

Teaching days: 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st July, 1st August

28th July, 19:00: Lecture "Varying the Beat in Baroque Music" - Domen Marincic

29th July, 19:00: Lecture "The History of the Organ" -  Dávid Homolya

30th July, 19:00: Lecture "Vocal Vibrato and Vox Humana Organ Stops" -  Lisandro Abadie

1st August, 19:00: Lecture "How can real Quills change our approach to Music" - Márton Borsányi

✦ 2nd August, 19:00: Closing concert of the students

A more detailed schedule with exact time tables, teaching hours will be made as soon as possible.
Please always check here for updates.