This fine organ is a copy of the late renaissance, early baroque instrument found in Levoca (in Hungarian: Lőcse), Slovakia in the Lutheran Church. The copy was made by Frigyes Paulus in 2016 under the supervision of Dávid Homolya, international organ expert. The sound is, to say the least, extraordinary. You will even find a stop called Polish Cymbal which is one of the unique stops this organ possesses. 

Range of the Manual: C-d3 

Range of the Pedal: C to d1

Pitch: 465 Hz


Pedal (C-d’)

Sub = Baß 16’

Posaunen = Baß 8’


Manual (C-d’’’)

Principal 8’

Rohr = Flött 8’

Salicinal 8′

Voxhumana 8’ (above c°)

Octava 4’

Quintadena 4’

Quinta 3’

Superoctava 2’

Mixtura III x 1’

Sedecima 1’ (Vorabzug)

Cymbal III (Polish Cymbal )