Félix Verry 

Medieval fiddles

Renaissance violin

Languages: English, French

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This subject involves medieval fiddles and renaissance violins. The teaching focuses on the discovery of the pre-baroque repertoire through improvisation and memorisation as well as on specific instrumental technique. We will also provide a few instruments for students to try out and practice on during the course. 
Félix Verry studied early music in Strasbourg with Stéphanie Pfister (baroque violin) and later in the Schola Cantorum in Basel (Switzerland) with Leila Schayegh (baroque violin) and Randall Cook (medieval fiddle and Renaissance violin). After he obtained his Master in baroque violin in 2015, he continued his studies in Basel by learning historical improvisation with Dirk Börner and Sven Schwannberger until he obtained a second Master in 2017.


Félix focuses specifically on performing and teaching early 17th century music, as well as pre-baroque repertoire and Renaissance dance music. As an improviser, in addition to several improvisation-related Early Music topics, he focuses on the study and reconstruction of the little known repertoire of bastarda diminutions for violin. He also plays folk music and performs experimental music and free-form improvisation.


He co-created the duo Die Hasardeure, dedicated to the practice of improvisation in late-Renaissance and early-Baroque music. He also formed Stemme Nova, an ensemble which explores Northern European music from the early 17th century and its crossings with folk music ; performing a program of 17th-century Flemish folk music, Stemme Nova won the second price of the Le Son Continu (Château d'Ars) festival competition. 

Félix is also a founding member of Medieval ensemble Rumorum. The group won several competitions: Petrus Alamire Lab, AlbaNova and Laus Polyphoniae festivals in 2015, the Friends Prize and the Eeemerging Prize during the York Early Music competition. They have performed at several Early Music Festivals in York, Utrecht, Herne, Brighton and at Rencontres musicales du Thoronet.


In early 2018 Félix’s original diminutions and arrangements were featured in a CD recording of the music of Sylvestro Ganassi with ensemble Arcimboldo (Basel).


He participated in several projects under the leadership of musicians and conductors such as Hervé Niquet, Sigiswald Kuijken, Gabriel Garrido, Rinaldo Alessandrini, Martin Gester, Kristian Bezuidenhout, Olivier Schneebeli (les Pages du Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles) Bruce Dickey, Charles Toët. He participated in several masterclasses with musicians such as Rudolf Lutz, Benjamin Bagby, Anne Smith and John Holloway.