Dávid Homolya


Languages: English, German, Hungarian

I graduated at the Esterházy high school of Eger/Hungary as a teacher of English in 2002, but had been studying organ during my school years since the age of 17 (I started learning the piano at the age of 7). My teachers were Csilla Matuz and István Baróti. I worked as a second organist between 2002 and 2003 for the Lutheran congregation of the ethnic Germans (Transylvanian Saxons) in Medias/Mediasch/Medgyes/Romania. Impressed and inspired by Transylvanian historical organs, I decided to earn a degree as a concert organist and learn historically informed performance practice. I attended the organ class of Jean-Claude Zehnder and Wolfgang Zerer between 2003 and 2009 at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis – an institute of the Basle Music Academy in Switzerlad.

Thanks to many organ-journeys and the high standards of the education I could improve my knowledge about organology already in Basle before attending the postgradual EU-training International OrganExpert at Trossingen Highschool of Music in Germany between 2008 and 2010, where I earned a Masters’ Degree as a pipe organ expert.

I serve as a titular organist in the reformed churches in Stadel/CH and Laufenburg/CH. I have been playing concerts since 2003 in Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Romania and Portugal. I was an awardee at the International Joseph Bossard contest at Bellelay in 2013. I have held courses for Transylvanian organ builders since 2005. I held Masterclasses at the Department for Church Music at the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy in 2015 and 2017. Since 2017 I’m leading the organ department of the Hungarian Church Music Society. As a pipe organ expert, I have participated in numerous organ projects:

The names of the executor-companies or organ-builders and – wherever relevant – those of the co-experts, furthermore parameters indicating the size of the organs are written in brackets.

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2011: Gelinta/Gelence/RO: Szt. Imre-church, reconstruction of an 18th-century organ (László Bors, I/7)

2013: Basel-Kleinhüningen/CH: new organ of the reformed church, consulting (Orgelbau Klahre, II/P/14)

2014: Budapest/H, reformed church at Kálvin-square, restoration and partial reconstruction of the 1829 Deutschmann-organ, research, planning, supervision of the construction, voicing (Pécsi Orgonaépítő Manufaktúra, II/P/28)

2015-17: Mátraverebély-Szentkút/H, new organ in the Franciscan church based on historical instruments of the Carpathian Basin, elaboration of the concept, planning, supervision of the construction, voicing POM, II/P/21)

2016: Szeghalom/H, restoration of the 1880 Kiszel-organ, voicing (as a successor of expert Károly Fekete at the end of the project, Paulus Organ Workshop, II/P/22)

2016-17: Szár/Saar/H, catholic parish church, copy of the 17th-century organ of the Lutheran church in Levoca/Lőcse/Leutschau/SK, research, planning, supervision, voicing (Paulus, I/P/12)

2017: Budapest/H, new organ inspired by instruments of G. Silbermann, elaboration of the concept, research, supervision, design, voicing (in cooperation with pipe organ expert Dr. Gyula Kormos, POM, III/P/25)

2018-20: Mosonmagyaróvár/Wieselburg-Ungarisch Altenburg/H, new organ in the reformed church, elaboration of the concept, composition, planning, supervision, design, voicing (László Bors, II/P/14)

2018-19: Helvécia/H, new organ in the reformed church, elaboration of the concept, composition, planning, supervision, design, voicing (László Bors, II/P/11)

2018-19: Balatonalmádi-Vörösberény/H, new organ in the catholic parish church inspired by organs of the Silbermann-brothers, planning, supervision, design, voicing (in cooperation with chorister Péter Kővári, Paulus, II/P/17)

-2018-19: Mátészalka/H, new organ in the reformed church reusing remnants of the 1894 Mihály Dukász-organ, elaboration of the concept, composition, planning, supervision, design, voicing (Paulus Orgonaműhely, II/P/11)

2018-20: Győr/Raab/H, new organ of the benedictine abbey church based on French and southern German instruments of the 18th century, elaboration of the concept, research, composition, planning, supervision, design, voicing (Paulus, III/P/36, project in progress)

2019-21: Oradea/Nagyvárad/Großwardein/RO, roman catholic cathedral, restoration of the 1896 Országh-organ in a baroque-case, elaboration of the restoration-concept, research, supervision, voicing (project in preparation, III/P/32)


List of publications:


Orgelbau in Rumänien (Organ Building in Romania – with co-author Matthias Wamser), Ars Organi, volume 55, September 2008, No. 3, 149-155

Új-régi hangok Gelencén (New-old sounds in Gelinta), Magyar Egyházzene, volume 19, 2011/2012, No. 3, 283-292

Fél évezred lenyomatai a besztercei orgonán (Prints of half a millennium on the organ of Bistrita), Műemlékvédelem, volume 58, 2014, No. 2, 66-75

A Kálvin téri orgona története (The History of the Organ at Kálvin-square), Műemlékvédelem, 2017/4-5, 176-186

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