27. July - 2. August 2020

Dear Students

We are very sorry to have to inform you that the development of the current pandemic situation and the safety measures taken by the government are not making any sort of planning possible for the coming summer. Therefore the PEMA team had to come to the decision of postponing the start of the course once again. We regret not to be able to have better news, but still hoping to welcome you in 2022.

6th March 2020



Early Music Academy


in Szár, Hungary


Pannonia Early Music Academy

is a newly founded international summer school for early music with dedicated and experienced teachers. Come and join our master classes as a student. We offer classes on

 ✦ Singing - Lisandro Abadie

 ✦ Recorder - Anna Januj

 ✦ Viola da gamba - Domen Marincic

 ✦ Baroque violin - Eva Saladin

 ✦ Medieval and renaissance strings - Félix Verrya few instruments will be provided by the course

 ✦ Organ - Dávid Homolya

 ✦ Harpsichord, thorough bass - Márton Borsányi

 ✦ Chamber music, improvisation - possible with all the teachers

 ✦ Combined bowed string instruments and combined keyboard instruments. 

For details please check Tuition fee and application.

We encourage students and chamber music groups of all ages and levels to apply for our summer course. Each teacher will be happy to give you both individual and chamber music lessons.